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Welcome to Talon Aerial Media

Talon Aerial Media is at the forefront of providing high end UAV and drone services across a broad spectrum of industries. Located just east of Taree at Old Bar, on the Mid North Coast of NSW, we are centrally positioned to reach from Newcastle to Coffs Harbour with ease.

Through the use of our Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA), sometimes known as drones or UAV’s, we offer a broad range of services to a growing number of industries. We make it possible for you to achieve a higher quality of data and images than was previously possible using more traditional methods. We are able to gather better images and conduct more detailed inspections, while at the same time being safer, quicker and cheaper than was ever possible in the past.

When it is necessary to work at heights for inspections or obtaining imagery, there is no longer a need for scaffolding, EWPs, helicopters or satellite images. Remote Piloted Aircraft now provide an alternative to other more expensive, time consuming and dangerous methods.

Talon Aerial Media has expertise in operating RPA or UAV's in a number of different areas. We can provide pilots and drones for aerial survey and mapping, aerial inspection of assets and machinery, aerial cinematography and aerial photography, real estate and emergency services. We offer a flexible approach towards every project we are involved in to ensure that all our results are unique and completed to a standard above what you thought possible.

These days, safety is everyone’s number one priority and it’s no different for us. We have $20 million in public liability insurance as standard cover on all work we undertake. All our operators have a broad range of nationally recognised qualifications. Before starting work with us, every one of our pilots must hold a number of qualifications, these include a CASA license, OHS White Card, first aid certificate and a current Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate

We are extremely comfortable working on many different types of work sites. All our field staff hold current OHS Construction Induction White cards and are issued with hard hats, high-vis vests, long sleeved high-vis shirts and steel capped boots. When Talon Aerial Media arrive to do a job, we make sure we have the equipment, skills and experience to do it right.

If you are looking to hire a drone to inspect a difficult or dangerous to access area, an aerial survey or even footage for an epic cinematic production we can provide a world class tailored, safe and professional solution to meet your needs.

Services We Provide

Services We Provide

There are many different ways that UAV's can assist your business. Our abilities and experience allow us to offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs.


Examples of our Work

Examples of our Work

We have been involved in a wide range of projects. Visit our showcase to see a few examples of our work.


Contact Us

Contact Us

Please call or email us if you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can assist in completing your project.

Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Remote Piloted Aircraft there are many questions that people usually ask. We have answered the most common ones for you.




Read about our latest projects and what we have been up to.


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Client Login

Clients of Talon Aerial Media can review and download their files using our online system.

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  • UAV Specialists

    CASA Certified

    Professional & Expert Team

    Latest Technology

    National Qualifications

  • Our Capabilities

    4k RAW Video

    16 Megapixel Photography

    Night-Time Flight Approval

    In House Professional Editing Suite

  • Established & Safe Systems

    Written Risk Assesment

    Fully Licensed and Insured

    No need for traditional high risk methods

    Flawless safety record

  • Benefits

    Easily Access Remote Areas

    No Site Shutdown

    Quicker & Cheaper than Traditional Methods

    Increased Safety

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