Below are some examples of different projects that we have undertaken in the real estate industry. Due to our skills and equipment not every project needs to use our drone real estate photography for us to still be able to have something to offer.

We provide a number of different products to the property industry, real estate agents and vendors. This diversity allows us to tailor our services to suit your needs. Please have a look at our Real Estate Services page for a full description and examples of the different ways that we can assist agents and vendors to present their property to potential buyers in it's best possible light.

Each of the following examples are actual projects that we have been involved in, as a result the final product is created, styled and themed themed based on our clients existing branding and their wishes. Each project is different and we discuss what is required and the expectations for the final product before starting work.

We would love the opportunity to chat with you about how we can contribute to your current marketing approach. If you are interested in any of our real estate drone videos or any of our other real estate drone photography services, please Contact Us and we can customise a package to suit your needs.



For this project we were contacted by a client who was selling their house privately. The vendors felt that the inclusion of drone photography would assist in showing their house and property to potential buyers. We took a range of aerial photographs from different angles in the morning and by the same afternoon provided the client with 10 different high resolution colour graded images.  



We provided several different solutions to assist a local real estate agent in marketing and showing off the full potential of a DA approved block of land surrounded by existing developments.

As well as taking aerial photographs from different perspectives and heights, we created two high resolution panoramic images for use in marketing brochures and an onsite billboard. These images were photoshopped to highlight local points of interest and to place the land in perspective to other major locations. The final images measure approximately 1m wide at normal resolution. This meant that there was no loss of detail when the images were transferred to a billboard.

In order to fully convey the various features of the site, the agent requested that we produce a video incorporating aerial video, ground based video and the agent on camera, describing the site. We created a video to the agent’s specifications incorporating: an introduction with the agent’s logo and establishing shots of the site, various shots showing different perspectives of the site and the agent describing the land and to conclude we ended with the agent’s contact details and a closing animation of the agent’s logo.


The result of our work was that both the agent and the vendor were extremely happy with all the products we produced. The feedback from the vendor included the statement “Wow, Wow, Wow” after watching the video. Both the agent and the vendor felt that our work had contributed greatly to their ability to showcase the property to potential buyers.