Catch up on the latest news from Talon Aerial and the world of UAVs and Drones. If you are looking to hire a drone, it's worth making sure you are up to date with all the latest developments in our company and what we have been up to.


We recently became one of only a handful of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators in NSW to receive approval to fly our drones at night. Normally even licensed UAV pilots are only allowed to fly during daylight hours, with flying after sunset strictly prohibited. In order to gain approval to operate at night, Talon Aerial had to expand our current operating procedures and policies to cover the unique situations that are encountered when flying a drone at night. Part of these procedures included that all pilots had to undergo additional training and assessment before they were allowed to fly after dark.


Talon Aerial Media have partnered with a media production company who provide footage of breaking news incidents to Sydney television networks on a daily basis, to supply high quality aerial vision of these incidents.

There are certain incidents where aerial vision can assist in telling the story, unfortunately financial constraints have seen a reduction in the availability of traditional aerial vision, such as the use of helicopters. Advancements in drone technology have now made gaining this vision possible once again in an affordable way.


Talon Aerial Media was recently involved in filming footage for an episode of Channel 10’s “The Project”. The Project was running a story on drone safety following a recent incident where a drone crashed into a car travelling along the Harbour Bridge in Sydney.

We attended a location in Western Sydney and used our Inspire 1 with the X5R camera attached, to film FPV racing drones doing their thing. By using a drone we were able to capture footage of the racing drones from a unique perspective. There were a number of challenges in capturing this footage due to the small size and speed of these drones and the logistics of safely having 5 drones operating in close proximity to each other.


There has been a new addition to the Talon Aerial Media UAV fleet with the purchase of an Inspire 1 Pro fitted with the X5R camera. This latest addition to our fleet allows us to offer an increased range of capabilities across our existing services.

The X5R camera is the world’s first micro four thirds camera designed specifically for aerial photography and cinematography. For the benefit of any photography buffs, this camera sensor is equivalent to the Panasonic GH4. Unlike many other drone and camera systems, the combination of the Inspire 1 pro with the X5R camera allows us to easily take control and manually adjust the focus, aperture and shutter remotely, while the drone is still in the air.