The uses for Remotely Piloted Aircraft are growing on an almost daily basis. UAV’s or drones can be used for everything from aerial surveys, inspecting assets and structures remotely, in film and video productions and increasingly to assist emergency services. We have grouped the services we offer into the broad categories below. Please click on the “Read More” link in each category to learn more about our capabilities.


Talon Aerial Media conducts aerial survey and mapping using our remote piloted aircraft, UAVs or drones and a process called aerial photogrammetry. This process allows us to measure and interpret features directly from our high resolution aerial imagery. We are able to produce orthophotographs, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), volumetric analysis, distance measurements and 3D models of areas and structures, all from the data we obtain from our aerial survey.

Using UAV’s for aerial surveys offers significant advantages when compared to ground surveys or satellite imagery. In many cases, sources of satellite imagery, such as Google Earth are poor quality and are several years out of date.  We are able to achieve higher resolution and more up to date images than satellites and can quickly deploy to gather data on rapidly changing projects. Unlike traditional ground surveys, using remote piloted aircraft to conduct an aerial survey means that no personnel need to be placed in potentially hazardous areas and data and images from difficult or inaccessible locations and infrastructure can be safely collected quickly and efficiently.


To prevent faults, service interruptions, significant accidents and damage, assets must be regularly inspected to detect any issues as early as possible. This becomes increasingly vital as infrastructure ages. Inspecting assets manually is a time-consuming, labour-intensive process that commands a significant percentage of an organisations operating costs each year. In many cases, manual inspection of assets can be dangerous. Manual utility and asset inspection often involves working at heights, near high voltage, biological hazards and large bodies of water.

Employing a drone to inspect these assets means that staff can remain at a safe distance and height, reducing the likelihood of injury. Developments in Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) have streamlined and enhanced the asset inspection process. Through the use of UAV’s we can simplify your inspection process, reduce the risks to staff, decrease inspection costs and complete the inspection quicker and to a higher standard than what was previously possible.


You only get a few seconds to catch someone’s attention! Our aerial footage will ensure that you make the right impression on your next project.  We make it possible to tell your story with creative, engaging high end aerial productions.

Drone cinematography, aerial photography or aerial videography, there are lots of different words used to describe essentially the same thing. What isn’t the same is the results that you get at the end of the day. Our skills and experience ensure that we can take the vision that you have created in your head and turn it into breathtaking and unique aerial shots that will engage and captivate your customers and audience.

We have a variety of cameras and lenses that we use for aerial cinematography. Due to the range of our equipment, we don’t take a “one size fits all” attitude towards our aerial videos. Our flexible approach and production methods ensures that we can tailor a unique package to suit your specific needs and budget.


When you decide to hire a drone as part of your real estate marketing strategy, you gain the ability to present potential buyers with many new and exciting marketing channels.

When it comes to selling Real Estate, video marketing works! If you have been looking around at aerial real estate videos, you’ve probably come to realise that not all real estate drone videos are equal. Our skills and equipment allow us to produce videos that engage interested buyers, increase enquiries and get results.

We offer the complete package, in addition to creating residential real estate videos we can also produce commercial real estate videos, aerial photographs, live streaming to Facebook and YouTube, interactive 360 degree panoramas for websites or Facebook, 3D models of buildings and property, panoramic photographs and large sized high resolution panoramic pictures suitable for marketing displays or billboards.


The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) by law enforcement and emergency service agencies offers a large number of benefits in cost, safety and in assisting to bring the incident to a successful conclusion quicker. For an emergency service organisation, there are numerous advantages in utilising Talon Aerial Media to increase safety and help reduce the disruption, as well as the financial and environmental impact that these incidents have on the community.

All of our pilots come from an emergency services background. As a result we can provide pilots who are nationally qualified in breathing apparatus, confined spaces, atmospheric monitoring, hazardous materials and technical and vertical rescue.