When you decide to hire a drone as part of your real estate marketing strategy, you gain the ability to present potential buyers with many new and exciting marketing channels.

When it comes to selling Real Estate, video marketing works! If you have been looking around at aerial real estate videos, you’ve probably come to realise that not all real estate drone videos are equal. Our skills and equipment allow us to produce videos that engage interested buyers, increase enquiries and get results.

We offer the complete package, in addition to creating residential real estate videos we can also produce commercial real estate videos, aerial photographs, live streaming to Facebook and YouTube, interactive 360 degree panoramas for websites or Facebook, 3D models of buildings and property, panoramic photographs and large sized high resolution panoramic pictures suitable for marketing displays or billboards.

Aerial photography is not just for existing buildings and properties. By using a drone to capture images from heights up to 120m in the air, it is possible to show the view from a unit block at each level before it has even been constructed or maybe to showcase a new development’s location to transport and existing amenities. Don’t just tell interested buyers or give them an “artist’s impression” of how it will look, through the use of our drones and aerial photography it is now possible to show them.


A good real estate drone video should do more than just show you the roof of a house from different angles for 3 minutes. An effective video will allow you to showcase the area and the lifestyle that is on offer to prospective buyers who may not be familiar with the region. Our skills and abilities are what set us apart from other drone companies. By combining aerial footage, interior shots, agent introductions and voice overs and finally by adding creative and visually catching additions such as agent’s logo and contact details to the video, we create a tailored and unique video that will stand out and engage with prospective buyers.

Check out our Real Estate Showcase page for more examples of the different videos we can produce.


Gone are the days when real estate agents could rely on a couple of shots from around the house to be able to sell a property. Owner occupiers want to know about the neighbourhood they are potentially moving to as much as they want to know about the house itself. Drones can be used to capture angles of a property that can’t be viewed from the ground. It’s now possible to capture a house and the view all in the same shot or highlight the size of a property’s boundary. Aerial drone photography can illustrate in seconds, important factors like a house’s proximity to amenities, transport and even capture the general feel of an area.

We can capture more than just the standard photo of a house from above. We are able to take wide angle panoramic images to fully capture a spectacular view and in the past we have provided images of large areas to highlight the location of future subdivisions.

Our services don't just stop at taking high quality aerial photos for real estate agents. As a professional aerial media company we enhance our photos to highlight a property and bring out it's best. Simple things like outlining the property boundary line or ensuring that distracting peripheral properties do not draw buyers attention away from the focus of the picture. The examples below highlight how we can take an ordinary aerial photograph, that is full of distractions and turn the focus onto the property that is for sale, making it the "Hero" shot that will draw in buyers to inspect the property.  

We can use our drones and cameras to capture images and video that will complement your regular photography and present a property to potential buyers in a way that will ensure it stands out from the crowd.


Maybe you’ve decided that a fully produced online video is not what your property needs. With the ability to live stream directly to Facebook or YouTube, we can offer a new and different approach to presenting a property to interested buyers.

One approach to this could be to live stream an open home for people who are not able to make it on the day. After the event, the video is also saved on your Facebook page or YouTube channel for anyone to watch, people who attended the open home can even watch the video afterwards to refresh themselves on the finer details.

Through the use of our stabilised cameras and specialised software, you can combine an open home or other event with a new way to reach interested buyers.


Panoramas can be a great way to showcase everything from the spectacular view from a balcony, to highlighting the local area and features or even to provide an interactive tour inside a room. We are able to produce a huge range of panoramas allowing you to choose the one that best suits your purposes.

Panoramas can be in a wide range of formats. Most commonly they are a flat image showing a wider than normal field of view, such as this image that we use on our home page.

Through the use of our drone photography we can also make an interactive, 360 aerial panorama that can be viewed on both smart phones and computers. This aerial panorama allows sellers and agents to show off their property and its surroundings as well as give potential buyers a great idea of the overall area that they are buying into. The below image can be explored by clicking and dragging with a mouse or when viewed on a smart phone or tablet by swiping. When viewed on a compatible device, a viewer only needs to move their device around and the image will move with them. Often houses have fantastic decks or entertaining areas, that a flat still image can’t capture or convey adequately. We can also produce 360 panoramas of these areas, allowing the full potential to be conveyed to the buyer and help build interest and anticipation before they have stepped foot into the property.


In the age of social media, it is important to make sure you are reaching the widest audience possible. All our panoramas can be uploaded onto Facebook, allowing people to explore and interact with your listings on a platform they are familiar with. Potential buyers can even share or link to these images giving you free exposure to a wider audience. 


QR codes or “Quick Response” codes are invaluable for taking prospective buyers from looking at a listing in your window or a real estate sign in the front yard of a house, directly to your online listing for the property. There they can watch the video and see all the additional pictures, block plans and even request a call about the property. As part of our package of services, we can create QR Codes and link them to individual website addresses. While they may not be for everyone, when used correctly, QR codes are another way for real estate agents to engage with buyers and increase inquiries.